Presenters guide

Accessing Your Course

In the week leading up to iMoot you will be granted access to your own iMoot course space setup to help facilitate your session. In the course you will have teacher rights allowing you to adjust the space as you need it. Please start setting up as soon as you can to give yourself time to get comfortable and organised in this online space.

To access your course space please click here and look for your name and session descriptor. Please note that while you can see all session areas, you will only be able to access your own.

Click Here For Full Session List

We ask that while setting up your course space that you respect the following rules/guidelines.

  • Please do not alter the items in the default course we have set up for you. It is important each space acts the same for attendees.
  • Please do not change the default layouts of your BBB room for the same reasons as listed above.
  • Please feel free to add whatever content/activities to your course space that you like under the "Presenters Content" topic . These may include
    • additional files
    • weblinks
    • feedback forms
    • in fact any moodle tool we have available

Should you wish to use a Moodle plugin, please contact us ASAP so we can evaluate and install it for you if we can. If you have any other questions at all I would ask you try and use the forums. This way if we answer it, all other presenters can also receive the same wisdom.