Presenters guide

Setting up your Session Space

Every Presenter will be provided a Moodle course that we refer to as a "Session Space". This course can be used for whatever you like. Changes here are not required and are only offered as a "value add" for those presenters who would like to use it.

By default we have also created 3 activities as standard for use across all Session Spaces. These are explained below. Please don't edit these as they have been set up for you.

Watch LIVE session

When the conference goes live, this button will provide a link to the BigBlueButton room. You will automatically be given Presenter rights while attendees will only be able to view.

Watch REPLAY of session

This button will only be active an hour after a session has been completed. It will link to a recording of the last session you gave. If you are presenting twice, then it will link to the second sessions replay after it is given. This will allow for attendees who may have missed your live delivery to still view your presentation

DISCUSS the session

This is a forum that we have created specifically for each presentation. While there is live Q&A during and at the end of your presentation, we do see the need for an asynchronous method for those who may have thought of a question after the session completed or who may have come later to view the replay. Be sure to check it, or even better subscribe to it, to keep up with questions from your attendees. If you are presenting more than once, both sessions will share the same forum.

Adding Additional Functionality

Your Session Space is yours alone and can be set up however you like. As mentioned earlier, this is not a requirement but an option for those that want it.

Examples of use could include:

  • Linking to your presentation for download
  • Adding tools like glossaries or books for additional resources
  • Linking to external websites used in your presentation or your own blogs/sites
  • Adding any additional resources you think attendees might find relevant
  • Adding descriptors to flesh out ideas

Also remember you can add blocks for additional features such as Comments and Blogging if you wish.


There are no pre-prepared badges for the presenters, but you can make your own.