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Presenters guide

Overview (AKA short version)

Presentations must:

  • comply with Moodle Trademark rules, hence only advertise generic services unless a Moodle partner.

  • not be used to primarily sell a product or service.

  • not be used as a back door to get other presenters in for free

Please do consider CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 licensing your presentation, for more information, please see: These will also be made available on YouTube later in the year.

A good presentation will:

  • Be around 45 minutes long including question and answers.

  • Benefit the Moodle community.

  • Be structured with clear objectives, flow and plenary.

  • Have a backup plan for when things go wrong.

  • Provide supplementary and complementary material in the course you are provided with.

  • Be in the spirit of the Moodle Open Source ethos of sharing knowledge and materials.

Technical tips:

  • Use the BBB training rooms to practice. We recommend uploading presentations as pdf files.

  • Spend time familiarising yourself with BBB and attend Fred's training sessions even if you've used BBB before as each year uses a new and improved version.

  • If you do not have Microsoft PowerPoint, then LibreOffice ( is a good free alternative.

  • Avoid streaming video, but rather provide links for attendees to view later.

  • Dual screen setups or another device will help you monitor chat at the same time, very useful for questions and gauging the alertness of the audience.

  • If you get in a 'technopanic', don't worry, a member of the iMoot team will always be around to help.