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Presenters guide

This resource is here to walk you through the process of giving a presentation at iMoot. We like to think it is relatively simple, but if you do have questions, please make sure to ask them in the forums.

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Book: Presenters guide
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Date: Monday, 2 August 2021, 3:12 PM

Overview (AKA short version)

Presentations must:

  • comply with Moodle Trademark rules, hence only advertise generic services unless a Moodle partner.

  • not be used to primarily sell a product or service.

  • not be used as a back door to get other presenters in for free

Please do consider CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 licensing your presentation, for more information, please see: These will also be made available on YouTube later in the year.

A good presentation will:

  • Be around 45 minutes long including question and answers.

  • Benefit the Moodle community.

  • Be structured with clear objectives, flow and plenary.

  • Have a backup plan for when things go wrong.

  • Provide supplementary and complementary material in the course you are provided with.

  • Be in the spirit of the Moodle Open Source ethos of sharing knowledge and materials.

Technical tips:

  • Use the BBB training rooms to practice. We recommend uploading presentations as pdf files.

  • Spend time familiarising yourself with BBB and attend Fred's training sessions even if you've used BBB before as each year uses a new and improved version.

  • If you do not have Microsoft PowerPoint, then LibreOffice ( is a good free alternative.

  • Avoid streaming video, but rather provide links for attendees to view later.

  • Dual screen setups or another device will help you monitor chat at the same time, very useful for questions and gauging the alertness of the audience.

  • If you get in a 'technopanic', don't worry, a member of the iMoot team will always be around to help.

Giving your Live Presentation

The Live Presentation component is being delivered using Big Blue Button (BBB). There will be some training on this tool, but in reality you should need none as we have automated the key aspects and will have a facilitator on hand to assist you as well.

Big Blue Button Test Space (Sandpit)

If you would feel more comfortable after playing in BBB we have set up a sandpit where presenters are encouraged to go, play, experiment and test out the BBB functionality to ensure they have all that they need to run their sessions on the day. To access these rooms just click on one of the two Training Room Sandpits.

Setting Up before the Day

Upload your Presentation Early

Please upload your presentation to your course area well before your session so that our staff can help out if there are any issues.

We recommend that you use PDF files. Other presentation files may work, but there might be some loss of font or layout.

Download the Plugin

You will also need to install the JAVA plugin for your browser if you want to use screen sharing within BBB.

We are asking all Presenters to download this ASAP.

Presenting on The Day

    We have set up the following process that we would appreciate presenters adhering to in order to facilitate the smooth running of the conference.

    Enter the room at least 15 minutes early. 
    A Facilitator will be there from 15 minutes before your start time to help you out. This early time can be used in making sure your presentation is uploaded and showing you the basics of navigating your slides. For most, this will be all the training needed. You can also tell our Facilitators any special requests you may have so we can facilitate them for you.

    Sessions should be around 45 minutes.
    While we have allocated 60 minutes between slots, this has been misunderstood as an expectation of 60 minute sessions. This is not the case. The 60 minute time slots allow for gaps between sessions for for longer Q&A's for those doing more detailed How To sessions. The average session should be around 45 minutes in length. Our Facilitators in the room will send you a Private Message, not seen by the audience, to help keep you on time. 

    Answering questions at the end of your session
    We have set aside time at the end of each session for questions and answers, otherwise known as Q & A. How you can do this is up to you. BBB allows presenters to pass around a microphone, turn on webcams or use text base chat. Our facilitators will be on hand to, well, facilitate these sessions using the tools that you would prefer.

    Just relax and enjoy yourself!
    Our facilitators are on hand to make sure things run smoothly. If you have your presentation uploaded and you've turned up early for testing and pointers, then the session should just run smoothly. Remember, you can ask us for help at any time during the session and use us as your second "pair of hands" to keep things moving.

      Setting up your Session Space

      Every Presenter will be provided a Moodle course that we refer to as a "Session Space". This course can be used for whatever you like. Changes here are not required and are only offered as a "value add" for those presenters who would like to use it.

      By default we have also created 3 activities as standard for use across all Session Spaces. These are explained below. Please don't edit these as they have been set up for you.

      Watch LIVE session

      When the conference goes live, this button will provide a link to the BigBlueButton room. You will automatically be given Presenter rights while attendees will only be able to view.

      Watch REPLAY of session

      This button will only be active an hour after a session has been completed. It will link to a recording of the last session you gave. If you are presenting twice, then it will link to the second sessions replay after it is given. This will allow for attendees who may have missed your live delivery to still view your presentation

      DISCUSS the session

      This is a forum that we have created specifically for each presentation. While there is live Q&A during and at the end of your presentation, we do see the need for an asynchronous method for those who may have thought of a question after the session completed or who may have come later to view the replay. Be sure to check it, or even better subscribe to it, to keep up with questions from your attendees. If you are presenting more than once, both sessions will share the same forum.

      Adding Additional Functionality

      Your Session Space is yours alone and can be set up however you like. As mentioned earlier, this is not a requirement but an option for those that want it.

      Examples of use could include:

      • Linking to your presentation for download
      • Adding tools like glossaries or books for additional resources
      • Linking to external websites used in your presentation or your own blogs/sites
      • Adding any additional resources you think attendees might find relevant
      • Adding descriptors to flesh out ideas

      Also remember you can add blocks for additional features such as Comments and Blogging if you wish.


      There are no pre-prepared badges for the presenters, but you can make your own.

      Accessing Your Course

      In the week leading up to iMoot you will be granted access to your own iMoot course space setup to help facilitate your session. In the course you will have teacher rights allowing you to adjust the space as you need it. Please start setting up as soon as you can to give yourself time to get comfortable and organised in this online space.

      To access your course space please click here and look for your name and session descriptor. Please note that while you can see all session areas, you will only be able to access your own.

      Click Here For Full Session List

      We ask that while setting up your course space that you respect the following rules/guidelines.

      • Please do not alter the items in the default course we have set up for you. It is important each space acts the same for attendees.
      • Please do not change the default layouts of your BBB room for the same reasons as listed above.
      • Please feel free to add whatever content/activities to your course space that you like under the "Presenters Content" topic . These may include
        • additional files
        • weblinks
        • feedback forms
        • in fact any moodle tool we have available

      Should you wish to use a Moodle plugin, please contact us ASAP so we can evaluate and install it for you if we can. If you have any other questions at all I would ask you try and use the forums. This way if we answer it, all other presenters can also receive the same wisdom.